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About Us...

A former insurance adjuster for some of the largest national insurance companies, he has been involved in the insurance industry for over the last decade. He now owns and operates his own company, educating and consulting individuals, companies, and the public about their insurance issues.

Michaels experience qualifies him as an expert public insurance claims adjuster and a master at policy interpretation. His main point of service is taking the insured, best interests into account.

Michael's suggestion to all homeowners, and business owners, is simply not to settle any claims or insure your assets without our assistance or the assistance of a licensed insurance professional.

Michael's perspective is to precisely evaluate, estimate, and appraise your property and its maximum insurance net worth.

• Five years (1995-2000) with Crawford & Company of Sarasota, Florida. Second largest claims servicing company worldwide. Handled multiple large losses for a variety of insurance companies, including State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide, and Lloyds of London.
• Two years sub-contractor as independent insurance adjuster. Adjusted catastrophe claims all over the U.S.A. and locally, including tornado, hurricane, sinkhole, wind, hail and flood. Corporate contracts with National Catastrophe Alliance, Seacoast Brokers, and Allied Adjusting, Inc.
• Michael Barral Public Insurance Adjuster, owner, and President of Claim Quest Inc since 2003, and a proud member of F.A.P.I.A. (Florida Assoc. of Public Insurance Adjusters). Claim Quest, Inc. Public Insurance Adjusters is licensed and bonded.


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