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Insurance Claim Types We Handle...

Florida Water Damage, Fire Damage, Flood Damage and Roof Damage: Sarasota, Venice

At Claim Quest, Incorporated our adjusters can provide experienced representation on your Commercial, Residential, and Real Estate Insurance claim. We can assist on new claims, re-opened or pending claims or supplemental claims.

At Claim Quest, Incorporated our experienced adjusters can assist with insurance claim denials. We are also experienced in handling insurance dispute appraisals as listed appraisers. Our adjusters are experienced handling the insurance dispute resolution procedure as listed Umpires. Please contact us to discuss any and all issues regarding the appraisal/umpire process that may be listed in your insurance policy. This process can be very complex aside from the insurance adjusting procedure.

Some types of losses you may experience can be handled by our team at Claim Quest, Incorporated:
Air Conditioning Leaks, Dishwasher Leaks,washing machine leaks, refridgerator leaks, Sinkholes, Fire Damage, Water Heater Leaks, Hurricane Damage, Loss by Collapse, Mold Damage, Plumbing Damage, Smoke Damage, Storm Damage, Theft, Vandalism, Roofing, Hail, and Tornado Damage.

Claim Quest, Incorporated Public Adjusters understand that your home and commercial property is your number one investment, we also understand that any loss is a disaster and can be very over whelming. The work involved by you to prove your loss is a daunting task, a task required by your insurance company. As your claim representative, our adjusters will take this burden off you.We can utilize a full team of engineers, accountants and attorneys.


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