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About Public Insurance Adjusters...

Public Insurance Adjuster Florida – Florida Private Adjuster

Who Is a Public Insurance Adjuster?
A good public adjuster is licensed, insured, bonded, and has multiple years of experience as a claims professional who works exclusively for you at the time of your loss. A public insurance adjuster will represent you in both residential and commercial property losses. Losses such as a fire loss, water loss, loss by collapse, hurricane, wind and sinkhole, these are just a few examples of covered perils that may occur to your property.

Claim Quest public adjusters are licensed through the state of Florida and Texas. Our adjusters are all insured and bonded through the state. Claim Quest public adjusters are experienced in both commercial and residential losses.
At Claim Quest, Incorporated our team of public adjusters and office staff have over 20 years of experience as insurance company adjusters and public insurance adjusters.

A good public insurance adjuster will have the technical resources to affectively investigate and negotiate your claim with your insurance company. The professionals at Claim Quest, Incorporated offer competent, professional, and caring services during your insured loss. We will provide you the extensive knowledge and technical expertise necessary to effectively deal with your insurance carrier.

A public insurance adjuster will assess your claim and write a structural estimate, contents estimate, and help to prepare your loss of income, and additional living expense breakdown. They will help prepare all your claim documents.

What will a Public Insurance Adjuster Help With?

At Claim Quest, Incorporated, our public adjusters are capable of handling many types of insurance claims, both residential and commercial.

Claim Quest public adjusters can help with: pipe leaks, roof leaks, fire damage, lightning damage, theft and vandalism losses, wind damage, hurricane damage, flood, sinkhole, and vehicle damage to your structure.

Claim Quest public adjusters can help recover supplemental insurance benefits for any preexisting property damage claims.
Claim Quest public adjusters can help you understand your policy. Your insurance policy has certain language that will limit or exclude your claim unless you act right away.

A public insurance adjuster at Claim Quest can help prepare you with the correct answer to many of the questions that may be asked by your insurance company.
Why Hire a Public Insurance Adjuster?
You deserve the same experience and skilled professional representation as the insurance companies, in order to make sure the playing field is fair for all parties involved.

A Claim Quest public insurance adjuster knows that they work exclusively for you just as the insurance company adjuster works exclusively for your insurance company.

Claim Quest public adjusters understand the complexity of your insurance policy, the various forms and endorsements you may not be aware of. Our adjusters understand the many terms and conditions of your policy. With the knowledge and understanding of these terms and conditions, we at Claim Quest, Incorporated can better negotiate your insurance claim for the maximum recovery allowed.

The burden of proof is on you to prove your losses. Our adjusters at Claim Quest, incorporated make sure you claim everything you are entitled to under your policy, making sure we assist in the complete documentation of your claim. As your representative, our adjusters at Claim Quest will handle the documentation of your claim loss, the negotiations with your insurance company, and regular reports to you, our client. We will not ever accept a settlement of your claim without your approval.


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